Thanks to new technologies, DEXFIN connects the old world with the new one.

DEXFIN Digital Asset Exchange

The DEXFIN Digital Asset Exchange introduces many innovative features and benefits for you and your clients .


  • Your Bank: You always have your bank with you. Easily transfer any amount – to anyone and anywhere.
  • Instant Payments: Make instant payments with zero fees.
  • Availability 24/7: Have everything available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security: Only you own the access data (private keys) to your funds, not the DEXFIN Exchange.
  • Limited Amount of Tokens: The amount of DXFs is limited, so DXF is not subject to inflation.
  • Low Fees: With DXF token, your trading fees will be reduced by up to 50%.

DEXFIN Financial Products

  • Regular Savings: Savings in cryptocurrencies with significantly better appreciation than with common products on the market.
  • Crypto ATMs: Deposits and withdrawals without verification up to several thousand EUR (depending on the country).
  • Payment Terminals: Terminals for merchants. Customers can pay easily, using their smartphone.
  • NFC Payment Cards: Contactless payments for fast and convenient purchases.
  • NFC Rings: Practical rings with NFC chips for instant payments, locking and unlocking of doors.

DEXFIN Tokenization, and Crypto Fund

DEXFIN is preparing other great products for you and your clients:

  • DEXFIN Tokenization Platform: Modern global crowdfunding on blockchain.
  • Crypto Fund DEXFIN: Crypto fund for large investors, funds, banks.
  • Green Energy: Battery energy storage Energy Cloud – charging station for cars, energy decentralization, energy sales through the application. The capacity will be 10 times larger than that provided by the Temelin nuclear power plant.

New Projects in Cooperation With the DEXFIN Platform

DEXFIN is preparing other new projects.

VICTORIA VR: Virtual Reality Where Everything Is Possible

  • Photorealistic Graphics: The whole world of VICTORIA VR will be in top photorealistic graphics.
  • Land Sales: All lots and pieces of land are registered on the blockchain. Users can create their shops, game rooms, show-rooms, casinos, amusement parks, games or applications.
  • The Big Market: The largest virtual marketplace with NFT (non-fungible token) tokens. Here you can easily sell paintings, cars, gold coins, collectibles and practically anything from the real world. Everything can be written on the blockchain, displayed in photorealistic graphics and then traded in virtual reality.
  • Art Gallery: The largest virtual art gallery.
  • Quests: Promotional minigames as a form of marketing. Players perform interesting tasks and receive motivational rewards.
  • Dark Room: Completely anonymous meeting room without any possibility of eavesdropping.
  • Virtual Trading: Ability to trade many pairs at once in a better way than ever before. Trading with a completely different experience.

DEXFIN: How We Do Things

  • We do everything according to current legislation.
  • We use the latest technologies.
  • We facilitate constant innovation.

DEXFIN: Our Way, Vision, Mission

Thanks to new technologies, DEXFIN connects the old world with the new one.