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Benefit from around 250 crypto resources carefully selected by DEXFIN: Blogs, De-Fi, exchanges, forums, social media channels, ICO, IEO, STO trackers, news aggregators, news sites, podcasts, price trackers, wallets, and more. These resources can be very helpful for you whether you are new or advanced in the world of crypto.

All categories and items are listed alphabetically.

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Channels: Instagram Channels

  • Bloomberg – The global leader in business and financial data, news, and insight.
  • Cointelegraph – High-tech finance, Bitcoin and blockchain news, analysis and review.
  • Crypto Graph – Helping users stay up-to-date on all matters related to crypto.
  • Crypto Sharkk – Focusing on cryptocurrency news, together with some funny memes.
  • Crypto.dreams – Cryptocurrency education.
  • Crypto.preneur – Pay and be paid in crypto.
  • Crypto.verse – Daily crypto and business news!
  • Cryptoexplorer – Help for people to get started with Bitcoin.
  • Cryptohike – Daily posts on what’s trending in crypto.
  • Cryptomaniaks – Crypto education made simple.
  • Investedcrypto – Crypto news and updates.
  • Reuters – Reuters Instagram channel.
  • Share Crypto – Crypto news via Instagram, the latest updates in quick and easy to read format.
  • Thewolfofbitcoins – Educating people on crypto.

Channels: Medium Channels

  • Coin and Crypto – Weekly publication showcasing the best and the worst from the world of crypto.
  • Crypto Oracle – Interesting and new cryptocurrency content written by experts.
  • Cryptolinks – Must-read articles for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Xie, Linda – Articles from a co-founder of Scalar Capital.

Channels: Telegram Channels

  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin is digital gold.
  • News – The prime source for information about Bitcoin, digital currency, and blockchain technology.
  • CoinMarketCap Community – CoinMarketCap’s official Telegram group.
  • Cointelegraph – Popular channel from
  • Crypto Aquarium – A decentralized community of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Crypto Charters – Channel with TA charts for analysts and traders.
  • Crypto News – Crypto coins news and content feed.
  • CryptoRank News – Derivatives analytics, IEO platform performance, trade alerts, news aggregator.
  • ICO Speaks News – The best ICO/IEO/Defi reviews, signals, airdrops, blockchain news.
  • ICO World – Evaluation of ICO-projects.
  • One-minute letter | CT – The most important crypto news of the day; produced by Cointelegraph.
  • Whales Crypto Guide – This channel aims to provide the most profitable signals about crypto.

Channels: Twitter Channels

  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Channel of one of the most vocal and prominent advocates of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Bloomberg Crypto – Breaking news, market analysis, and experts’ opinions.
  • Charlie Lee – Charlie Lee, known as the creator of Litecoin, offers his analysis and insight.
  • CoinDesk Markets – Channel with a stream of daily charts and price updates.
  • CoinTelegraph – Great source of the latest crypto news.
  • Josh Olszewicz – A good source for trading tips and analysis.
  • Luke Martin – Charts, technical analysis and commentaries from Luke Martin.
  • Marty Bent – Insights and commentaries on Bitcoin and blockchain.
  • Messari – The top research, news, metrics, and live data for crypto.
  • Nic Carter – A good source of information to see why Bitcoin remains a force to be reckoned with.
  • Nick Szabo – Nick is known as a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer.
  • PlanB – Channel of PlanB which refers to an alternative plan for quantitative easing (printing money by central banks), negative interest rates, and currency debasement in general.
  • Pomp AKA Anthony Pompliano – Channel of the founder of Morgan Creek Digital and the host of the Off the Chain Podcast. Pomp can also be seen on CNBC or Bloomberg sharing his views.
  • Tuur Demeester – Tweets on economics, history, Bitcoin, news.
  • Vitalik Buterin – Channel of the creator of Ethereum; over 1 million followers.

Channels: YouTube Channels

  • Alt Coin Daily – Daily coverage of the latest news from the world of crypto and occasional interviews with prominent members of the crypto community.
  • Altcoin Buzz – Upcoming trends and applications of blockchain, market shifts, coin analyses.
  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Andreas, a long-standing Bitcoin evangelist, is one of the most recognizable names in the crypto world.
  • Bob Loukas – The channel with a focus on Bitcoin, crypto, and gold markets.
  • Box Mining – Weekly analysis that covers all the latest news in the blockchain industry.
  • Chico Crypto – Guidance on various altcoins, with their pros and cons.
  • Coin Bureau – Informational channel to the world of crypto space.
  • Crypt0sNews – A channel with crypto news and quality crypto content.
  • Crypto Bobby – Breakdown of complex concepts, comparisons of coins, analysis of new projects.
  • Crypto Daily – Channel for crypto lovers with daily crypto news.
  • Crypto Lark – A channel with a good mix of insight and advice.
  • Crypto Love – Information about Bitcoin and altcoins.
  • Crypto Zombie – Cryptocurrency reviews, news and trends, mostly to do with Bitcoin.
  • DataDash – Updates regarding Bitcoin, including potential threats, news, analysis, and comparisons.
  • Digital Gold – Tech news and updates on mining.
  • Doug Polk Crypto – Latest news on cryptocurrency data and events.
  • Ellio Trades Crytpo – Channel focusing on small cap cryptocurrencies with a higher risk to reward profile.
  • Ivan on Tech – Coverage of macro topics regarding the crypto and blockchain space.
  • Sunny Decree – Channel focused on coin analytics done in an interesting manner.
  • Suppoman – The pros and cons of various altcoins, supported by weekly news and updates.
  • The Arcane Bear – Breakdowns of revolutionary projects in the crypto industry.
  • The Chart Guys – Channel for stock traders seeking technical analysis of trends in the blockchain market.
  • The Crypto Analyst – Information on cryptocurrency and blockchain with market updates.
  • The Modern Investor – Channel with crypto resources to learn trading methods and blockchain project background.


  • DeFi CoinMarketCap – Top DeFi tokens by market capitalization.
  • DeFi Prime – Easily compare DeFi lending and borrowing rates.
  • DeFi Rate – Resources for DeFi with interest rates from the top cryptocurrency lending protocols updated every hour.


Facebook Groups

  • Crypto Warriors – Group from beginners all the way to advanced Bitcoin and other digital currency enthusiasts.
  • Cryptocurrency Academy– Group for beginners and more advanced traders; news and updates on technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc.
  • Cryptocurrency Collectors Club – Active group with advice and tips, especially good for newcomers to the crypto trading world.
  • Cryptocurrency Investing – A group to learn and share insights on the fundamental technology, present utility, and upcoming potential of crypto.
  • Cryptoland – Group with resources to help you understand various types of cryptocurrency and get into the trading process.
  • That Crypto Hustle: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News + Investing – Group for crypto enthusiasts, holders (hodlers), newbies, experts, traders, investors, financial and non-financial advisers.


  • /r/BTC – Bitcoin – The Internet of Money.
  • /r/EthDev – Ethereum Development and DApps.
  • BitcoinTalk – Bitcoin forum with diverse topics, in many languages.
  • CryptocurrencyTalk – Discussions videos on cryptocurrency, links, videos, press releases.
  • Cryptorum – Cryptocurrency forum with dozens of threads available.
  • Dash Forum – Popular forum with thousands of viewers monthly.
  • Emerging Technology – Forum on making money with emerging technologies.
  • Ethereum Community Forum – Forum for Ethereum community.
  • Litecoin Talk – Litecoin forum with thousands of users.
  • Master of Crypto – Forum on blockchain, trading, altcoins, mining, ICOs, crypto news, and more.
  • Medium – Current articles on cryptocurrency.
  • Stack Exchange – Stack Exchange network with dozens of Q&A communities with their own sub-sites.
  • Steemit – Blockchain-based blogging and social media website.

Jobs Sites

  • Blocktribe – Post, search and apply for available blockchain jobs. Create a profile as an applicant, and employer.
  • Coinality – Free service connecting employers and job seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Jobs range from one-time to full-time and negotiations are handled independently between the two parties.
  • Cryptogrind – A blockchain job site for freelancers paid in cryptocurrencies.
  • CryptoJobs – Site listing blockchain jobs.

Movies and Documentaries

News: News Aggregators

  • Ccowl – Cryptocurrency news with useful information, price updates, alerts, analysis, and more.
  • CoinJoy – Choose the sources that you prefer, with a unique, tailor-made curation of news and articles in the crypto trading industry.
  • CoinLib – News, guides, reviews, comparison tool, price alerts, and more.
  • Coinna – Easy to follow the latest stories and top stories from the crypto space.
  • CoinsLive – Top current cryptocurrency news.
  • CryptoControl – Top crypto news articles daily.
  • CryptoPanic – Crypto news, media, blogs, polls, resources – select from commented, hot, rising, bullish, bearish, top saved, and more.
  • CryptoViral – Crypto news: hot, bullish, bearish, most commented. Reddit and Tweets section.
  • FAWS – News, earnings, rumors, IPO, press releases, ratings, analysis, class actions, social, guides, digest, podcasts, all with category filters. Chat, portfolio tracker, price checker, etc.
  • TodayOnChain – The latest news on blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as press releases on crypto, blockchain, DeFi etc.

News: News Sites

  • Be in Crypto – Latest news, opinions, altcoins, prices, exchanges, press releases.
  • Bitcoin Exchange Guide – Aims to deliver timely, objective, relevant news.
  • Bitcoin Magazine – Provides education, research, and analysis since 2012.
  • Bitcoin Price – Cryptocurrency news, price list, Bitcoin newsletter.
  • Bitcoinist – Source of info about blockchain technology since 2013.
  • Bitgur – First-tier cryptocurrency market data-provider directly connected to dozens of popular exchanges.
  • Brave New Coin – Research and analysis for a global network since 2014.
  • CoinDesk – The media platform to inform, educate, and connect the global crypto community through news, data, events, and education.
  • Coinspeaker – Covers blockchain, cryptocurrencies, FinTech, and more.
  • Cointelegraph – Latest news and updates on cryptocurrency.
  • Decrypt Media – Founded in 2018 with a mission to demystify the decentralized web.
  • Messari – Set to provide reliable data and market information for crypto investors and professionals.
  • NEWSBTC – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news, price and technical analysis.
  • Null Tx – Information source when it comes to solving your cryptocurrency problems; the latest news in crypto along with educational articles.


  • Block Zero – Interviews with cryptocurrency builders and experts. Learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other new decentralized technologies.
  • Crypto Disrupted – The latest updates on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Epicenter – Tech podcasts from the world of crypto published since 2013.
  • Ledger Cast – Cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem podcast.
  • Let’s Talk Bitcoin – A publishing platform giving voice to the influencers in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology sector through podcasts, articles and discussion forums.
  • The Bad Crypto Podcast – Top Bitcoin podcast covering blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, ICOs, altcoins, FinTech, and digital money.
  • The Bitcoin Podcast Network – A podcast surrounding the Bitcoin industry, blockchain technology, and insights from people of interest.
  • The Blockchain Show – A weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.
  • The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast – Talks and discussions about the crypto market.
  • Unchained – Big ideas from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Unconfirmed – Weekly 20-minute-long podcast with insights and analysis from the top minds in crypto.
  • What Bitcoin Did – A twice-weekly Bitcoin podcast; interviews with experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment and adoption.

Tools: Useful Tools

  • 3Commas – Tools for crypto traders to maximize profits, minimize risks, limit losses across multiple exchanges, and more.
  • – neutral informative resource about Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Visuals – Latest Bitcoin charts and visual information.
  • Coinigy – Cryptocurrency portfolio management suite connecting with 45+ exchanges and no trading limits.
  • CoinMarketCal – Cryptocurrency market calendar. Detailed current information on cryptocurrency.
  • Shrimpy – Automated portfolio management.
  • Trading View – Live interactive charts with technical analysis.
  • Whale Alert – Large cryptocurrency transactions are shown with live tracking and analysis of millions of blockchain transactions every day.

Trackers: ICO, STO, IEO Trackers

  • ICO Bench – ICOs digests with weekly reviews.
  • ICO Drops – Information on ICOs: Active, upcoming, ended, whitelist, ICO stats.
  • ICO Gang – Hot and trending blockchain companies and projects: Ongoing, upcoming, past.

Trackers: Price Trackers

  • Altpocket – A social cryptocurrency tracker.
  • Coin Tracker – Cryptocurrency prices and data; track your crypto portfolio and taxes.
  • Coincap – Real-time cryptocurrency price tracker.
  • CoinCheckup – Live cryptocurrency prices and charts to monitor and analyze all your cryptocurrencies.
  • CoinGecko – In addition to tracking price, volume, and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events, and on-chain metrics.
  • CoinMarketCap – Today’s cryptocurrency prices by market cap.
  • Delta – Price tracker for Bitcoin, crypto, and stocks.
  • Mammon – CryptoCurrency tracker for Windows and Mac in your menu bar.

Wallets: Hardware Wallets

  • Bitfi – Wallet with an open-source code.
  • BitLox – Wallet with open source software available on GitHub.
  • CoolWallet – Bluetooth hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 tokens.
  • KeepKey – Send, receive, and store dozens of the leading tokens and coins available on the market.
  • Ledger Nano S – Up to 20 apps (depending on app size) installed on your device, among 1,100+ compatible crypto assets.
  • Ledger Nano X – Up to 100 apps (depending on app size) installed on your device, among 1,100+ compatible crypto assets.
  • TREZOR One – Trusted wallet with a monochrome display and two buttons.
  • TREZOR T – Upgraded wallet with full-color touchscreen, supporting 1,600+ coins and tokens.

Wallets: Software Wallets

  • Armory – Open-source wallet with cold storage and multi-signature support, compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Atomic Wallet – Over 300 cryptocurrencies, compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS.
  • BRD Wallet – Simple and secure wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies.
  • Coinomi Wallet – Wallet to store, manage and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 1,770 other blockchain assets (compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Coinpayments – Wallet supporting 2,000+ cryptocurrencies. Convert your crypto, buy crypto with your credit card.
  • Edge Wallet – A mobile crypto wallet for Android and iOS, with in-app buy and sell, an exchange between cryptocurrencies, and advanced security.
  • Electrum – Open-source wallet developed and used since 2011.
  • Freewallet – The Freewallet Family includes dedicated wallets for 100+ popular cryptocurrencies available on Android and iOS, as well as a multi-currency wallet app with a web interface.
  • Guarda Wallet – Supports thousands of assets, instant crypto exchange for over 50 coins.
  • Infinito Wallet – Buy, trade, earn, use crypto, free and simple to use, private keys in your hand, all currencies and payment methods.
  • Jaxx Liberty – Wallet for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, or Google Chrome extension.
  • Nexo Wallet – Multi-signature wallet with Nexo Card and crypto-backed loan service.

Wallets: Steel Wallets

  • Cobo Tablet – Indestructible steel Bitcoin crypto cold storage for seed backup, supporting up to 24 Words.
  • ColdTi – Cryptocurrency seed plate for extremely durable cold storage.
  • Crypto Key Stack – The wallet comes with an engraver and plates can hold 24-word mnemonic seeds.
  • Crypto Keys – The set comes with 13 double-sided keys; each key can store two words so 12 keys are sufficient for a 24-word mnemonic.
  • Cryptosteel Capsule – This wallet can store up to 123 characters.
  • Cyphersafe Cypherwheel – Rust-proof and waterproof wallet to store up to 96 characters.
  • Quadrat Register – Choose over 128 different symbols or words which can be individually coded on the GENISIS code list.
  • Simbit – Wallet to store up to 114 characters.
  • Steelwallet – Wallet to store up to 24-word seeds.